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“…. No Ship.. No Crew.. How do get out of this one.. !…” A stranded Captain James T.Kirk.- Chris Pine

“Star trek” Beyond, Orthough this is meant for a five year mission in its beginnings for the Crew of USS Enterprise NCC 1701, it seems it’s mission cut very short of doing those five years.. During the mission we see the Crew of the Enterprise, is forced to abandon ship onto a nearby Planet…. As previously the Enterprise, JJ Abrams Enterprise is cut to threads, by an unknown or known species whom weapons technology is advanced.. The crew survives on this Planet of un or known origins, and finding themselves with other species whom are before them…. Slowly they realise they have to fight the fight after they being held hostage on this planet and find a way out back to Earth, or a Nearby Untied Federation of Planets outpost.. To figure out why they’re there on as in one scene an off world colony city is under siege, like in premise of the Undiscovered Country…

Watching Beyond teaser trailer reminds me of various components from the prime universe.. The Enterprise gets boarded, like the situation on Star Trek insurrection, First contact but the very close premise is like the Search for Spock…  this time the Enterprise doesn’t gets to be carjacking to save Spock.. it gets decimated, and one other series, Voyager where the in some episode the crew gets captured by the Hirogen where they’re a hunting for sports species as in this case Kirk fighting a warrior female ..

As JJ Abrams Bad Robot Productions,  Star Trek series continues in relation to the Prime Universe, I’m guessing that after this film or the next we’ll see another retrofit Constitution class, much more true to the original design in the fourth installment with the registration of USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A , in we’ll see more as the trailer comes along to see more of the plot insights than the teaser…. Beyond is Directed by Justin Lin from the iconic Fast and Furious series,  featuring Idris Elba as the antagonist … with ,  protagonist Zoe Saldana saving the day, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zach Quinto, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Karl Urban.. Star Trek Beyond is in theaters on 22nd July 2016…

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