INDEPENDENCE DAY | Resurgence- the trailer- It’s definitely larger than the last one…!



“Oh my god..  It’s been twenty to get us ready for this.. “ David Levinson –Jeff Goldblum..

It’s been two decades past from the last time when we saw the massive battle of more early United Earth battling out on brink of extinction during that year 1996 from an outside species whom want Earth for its resources and unstoppable to  peruse it until the Planet Earth is out mined to their needs ends met….

In “Independence day- Resurgence” it’s now that two decades later, the Planet Earth is Unified, it adopted, modified advanced most of the Alien species technology and made its own in fortifying Earth and its boundaries in the Sol solar system, but systematically slowly it been breached progressively during those years.. …

The premise feels like in Star Trek what happens from the first-hand experience when the Borg have finally arrived and succeed in their ends met in occupying from the Delta Quadrant…  the visual effects is stunning as to when it comes to portraying the story.. Of first initial sighting of a larger off world vessel entering the Earth’s atmosphere that encompasses continents..

It features some of most of the key leading characters from the first episode where the introduction of the premise, this film from 1996, President Thomas J Whitmore- Bill Pullman, Doctor David Levison- Jeff Goldblum,  but without Will Smith whom played the lead  as Captain Steven Hiler doesn’t appear in the film.. the interesting thing is that it’s been twenty years in which gives more characters with their own stories in the second part, which includes a Madame president Lanford played by Sela ward.. with Liam Hemsworth who plays  Jake Morrison.. in this  there are more Asian actors in this film like Grace Hung – Ling Tang and Angelababy whom plays Rain.. and coming back to second installment is Captain Data of the USS Enterprise E known as Brent Spinier reprising his character Doctor Brakish Okun..

“Resurgence” various battle scenes like experiences from Battlestar Galatica, Battleship, and Star Trek  with charged emotional scenes with the characters going through the almost extinction with the struggles.. in which we’ll see when it opens on 24th June 2016 in theaters..

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