AIR NEW ZEALAND | the age old race between the Tortoise and the Hare…?


Meanwhile in New Zealand… There’s an age old story… an epic race that’s happening in the mountains of Wanka… in mountain biking in the scenic mountainous pastures as if the Hobbits once walked presided on the Mount Burke as the downhill race..  the Race took place in the early seasons of this January,  year 2015 as “Air New Zealand”  is gearing up of what to do in the Mountain plains of Wanka, South Island of New Zealand .. in this we have the patience to win is Eddie Spearing the Tortoise cosplaying in with a Tortoise shell backpack with the bike to match .. Also with the steed of speed is the Hare with the distinctive hare like ears.. Is “Conor MacFarlane” whom is side tracked along the way with a picnic…?  Given the advantage to Eddie’s Tortoise… after a dusty trail race..

.Filming on a Summery January  outdooring adventuring” Air New Zealand” ad campaign  as prepared for different scenes of mountain bike racing down Mount Burke dusty dust trails .. With different cameras equipment from using the camera mounted on the Drone, to on land base cameras with aerial difficult various filming shots Helicopter… As the race to the finish line got started with a very smart cute fox suite in a red skirt and jacket …

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