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On 15th April 2015, we continue the storylines of “Game of Thrones” where we left off on where there was a massive commotion in Kingsland in Westeros.. Where Tyrion Lannister has left the kingdom after having a massive complicated father and son conflict in a very dysfunctional family.. Also has one family brokenly separated the Starks household have remained virginate on just surviving what’s to come… As Arya (Massie Williams) sets of to increase her combating skillset as her sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) becomes the Queen of her Aunt’s Domain..

As we wait for the Cliffhanger Airing of “HBO’s Game of Thrones” season five… crossing three countries where the Hundreds of cast and crew film an addictive episodes, in this filming a one epical days of what life in a day of production of Game of thrones in which is airing on Sunday 2/8 at 2000 hours….On February 8th on HBO..

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