GAME OF THRONES- #GOT2016 |Your Westeros-Essos presidential candidates….

What We Believe | #GOT2016 To excectively rule the seven kingdoms of  Westeros-Essos 

As the General Presidential United States elections draw near on that eighth November 2016 on that Tuesday morning… between the houses of Democrats experience championed by First lady, Senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… then late of the GOP-Republican is Donald Trump…… In this what happens when all houses in the Westeros and Essos complete in a presidential elections like the United states of America… which house or whom would you vote for the executive elected in your voice of the seven Kingdoms… in the “Game of Thrones” as Tyrion Lannister once put it..  In this case Daenerys Targaryen has my vote…

Break the Wheel | House Targaryen- Daenerys Targaryen for #GOT2016

Serve the People | House of Stark- King of the North – Jon Snow for #GOT2016

The Game | Petyr Baelish for #GOT2016

Power is Power |House Lannister- Cersei Lannister for #GOT2016


So.. Cast your vote for #GOT2016 on  now to get to know the candidates for the seven kingdoms of Westeros-Essos .




GAME OF THRONES | an epic day in a life of seasons five…?


On 15th April 2015, we continue the storylines of “Game of Thrones” where we left off on where there was a massive commotion in Kingsland in Westeros.. Where Tyrion Lannister has left the kingdom after having a massive complicated father and son conflict in a very dysfunctional family.. Also has one family brokenly separated the Starks household have remained virginate on just surviving what’s to come… As Arya (Massie Williams) sets of to increase her combating skillset as her sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) becomes the Queen of her Aunt’s Domain..

As we wait for the Cliffhanger Airing of “HBO’s Game of Thrones” season five… crossing three countries where the Hundreds of cast and crew film an addictive episodes, in this filming a one epical days of what life in a day of production of Game of thrones in which is airing on Sunday 2/8 at 2000 hours….On February 8th on HBO..

GAME OF THRONES | season five new casting announce at Comic Con SD2014….?


As we wait for the next season of five, George R.R. Martin “Game Of Thrones” will be aired in the Northern Hemispheric season of Spring 2015… In which we get see some new characters arriving to flavor more spice into the storyline.. Also there’s one New Zealand Oscar awarding nominated Actor Keisha Castle Hughes will be playing the warrior Obara Sand… her works previously was in Jan Campion’s Whale Rider… Also George Lucas’s Star Wars “return of the Sith” as the Nabooian Queen…

The Game of thrones season five casting as follows…

Donran Martell –Alexander Siddg

Trystane Martell –Toby Sebastian

Myrcella Baratheon – Neil Tiger Free

Areo Hotah – DeObia Oparei

Yezza –Enzo Cilenti

Nymeria (Nym) Sand –Jessica Henwick

Tyene Sand – Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Obara Sand – Keisha Castle-Hughes

High Sparrow –Jonathan Pryce

GAME OF THRONES | your viewers guide into the world – season four recap.. ?

Given that we just saw the season four climax of “HBO. George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones” in a real large climax cliff-hanger on tying up some loses ends in between within each kingdom households…  and you already having withdrawal symptoms..

Well your symptoms can be treated by “HBO’s game of Thrones” viewer guide in which you could back trace the adventuring story lines as they unfold in the episodes, and gives you an insight in way like how the “The Hobbit –middle earth a journey” the map of the story exploration concentrates on more of the episodes, and gives you back story, the environments, the actress and actors insight of their characters within each episode..

In this you get to see the various household family trees and their bio which is pretty cool in getting to know the characters in more of inmate way of knowing them fully…