#GameOfThrones #GoTS7 | season seven – The Long Walk ahead with Daenerys Targaryen- Jon Snow

From the last time when we left off from the conflicts in between the continents of Westros also Essos is the unification also it’s deconstruction of royal houses of that tells the tales of hall in the “Game Of Thrones” has it set to screen to tell another conclusion stories of George RR Martin… from where we left off is the unification of Targaryen, Starks, The Greyjoys.. As they set out on alliance on the deconstruction on house of Lannister.. As the battle field is yet to bring on Westros Kinglandings Queen Cerissi Lannister front door.. as the Essos Alliance is determine to bring on that in with the Houses of  Daenerys Targaryen – Emilia Clarke,  also unknowing to her is her very close relative  Jon Snow- Kit Harrington- the House of Stark both Fire and Ice as their stories was told previously…..

As their stories were told what lies in front of them is conculsionally awaiting epic  battle with the oncoming White Walkers whom was wrongfully regretfully created by the Children of the forest in the north of Westros as that story was told, in this ….as the advatangement lies within the house of Targaryen and Starks.. .  Is yet to been seen on conclusion on 16th July 2017……..

GAME OF THRONES- #GOT2016 |Your Westeros-Essos presidential candidates….

What We Believe | #GOT2016 To excectively rule the seven kingdoms of  Westeros-Essos 

As the General Presidential United States elections draw near on that eighth November 2016 on that Tuesday morning… between the houses of Democrats experience championed by First lady, Senator, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… then late of the GOP-Republican is Donald Trump…… In this what happens when all houses in the Westeros and Essos complete in a presidential elections like the United states of America… which house or whom would you vote for the executive elected in your voice of the seven Kingdoms… in the “Game of Thrones” as Tyrion Lannister once put it..  In this case Daenerys Targaryen has my vote…

Break the Wheel | House Targaryen- Daenerys Targaryen for #GOT2016

Serve the People | House of Stark- King of the North – Jon Snow for #GOT2016

The Game | Petyr Baelish for #GOT2016

Power is Power |House Lannister- Cersei Lannister for #GOT2016


So.. Cast your vote for #GOT2016 on www.TheGoTParty.com  now to get to know the candidates for the seven kingdoms of Westeros-Essos .




Game of thrones – Cosplay piano –

 watch it in either 720 HD or 1080 HD.

I accidentally found this today, it was an awesome retention of “The game of Thrones “ score that happen to be The Song of Fire and Ice. Watching historically joineries well played  its journeys between the war torn world of Westeros and Essos, as the score builds up an epic struggles of various houses of kingdoms whom have the Iron Throne on Kingslandings, after the bloody violent battle to dethrone the Mad king, Aery II Targaryen, whom love seeing his captives burn like Richard Stark, leading from the Daenerys journey from the Red waste, with the red comet to the trappings of Kingslandings, to the intriguing couple of Jon Snow at the very north of the Wall, back in shuffled scenes to the WinterFell.

Cleverly done by Award winning Pianist Sonya Belousova and Director Tom Grey– you could check out there website on Cosplaypiano.com on there works.. or Sonya’s works at  sonyabelousova.com