#GameOfThrones #GoTS7 | season seven – The Long Walk ahead with Daenerys Targaryen- Jon Snow

From the last time when we left off from the conflicts in between the continents of Westros also Essos is the unification also it’s deconstruction of royal houses of that tells the tales of hall in the “Game Of Thrones” has it set to screen to tell another conclusion stories of George RR Martin… from where we left off is the unification of Targaryen, Starks, The Greyjoys.. As they set out on alliance on the deconstruction on house of Lannister.. As the battle field is yet to bring on Westros Kinglandings Queen Cerissi Lannister front door.. as the Essos Alliance is determine to bring on that in with the Houses of  Daenerys Targaryen – Emilia Clarke,  also unknowing to her is her very close relative  Jon Snow- Kit Harrington- the House of Stark both Fire and Ice as their stories was told previously…..

As their stories were told what lies in front of them is conculsionally awaiting epic  battle with the oncoming White Walkers whom was wrongfully regretfully created by the Children of the forest in the north of Westros as that story was told, in this ….as the advatangement lies within the house of Targaryen and Starks.. .  Is yet to been seen on conclusion on 16th July 2017……..

PLAYLIST | game of thrones and social zones…!

As HBO’s Game of Thrones starts out a little just about now or screened previously before only a few hours ago on 6th April 2014… For the season four… As the conclusion spells out for that the White Walkers are back… in this Hoot suite celebrated did one for the social realms… Dragonstone uniting all socials kingdom realms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus also with other social kingdom realms..  As it with the real thrones between the kingdom realms of Kingslandings, WinterFell, Riverlands, The Rock, plus other seven kingdoms…


Also like to know more about HBO’s Game of thrones… and the reason why Hoot Suite made “Social winter is coming” ..?