MARVEL | 3D Deco superhero wall lights…?

think geek – 3D Deco superhero wall lights- Steve Rogers was here..

Ever want a little bit of action on your wall and something more of that wall art… and relived those scenes with “The Avengers” and “Spiderman” throughout your whole house.. ?  Well you can with some help with some” Marvel 3D Deco superhero Wall Lights” to help you too find your way around the dark.. with some Friends from Avengers like  Captain America Shield, Hulk Fist, Iron Man Hand, Iron Man Mask, Spider-Man Hand, or Thor Hammer…  Basically the wall lighting are battery powered, in either AA or AAA’s… with LED lighting so it the wall lighting units won’t get hot…. There are some special features that come with a few of them such as with the Iron Man has three way function for his glowing eyes…  They all come with a night light… With a crack sticker so giving your wall with some serious cosplay, also with a pair of screws to hold up your superhero wall lighting…


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