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Adventuring Cosplaying Lightning is Alannah Pearce, this is her second time doing cosplay, cosplaying as the leading character in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy of Lightning also know to her sister Serah, as Claire Farron.. As it’s her main only quest to save her sister Serah, and only family and in good company of friends…  Also Lightning-Claire Farron is one of my Favorite Protagonists…

In this Alannah explains how she got all the pieces together the Blazefire Gunblade, the  standard Guardian corps uniform, also in this she explains how she constructed the wired paper Mache the green metallic pauldron over her left shoulder.. Also Lightning’s Guardian Corps full length boots..  the blue eye contacts,  the pink hair, also it became a learning experience for what to do next in the next cosplay..

At the end the rewarding results are pretty cool. With excellent photo shot of photographer Chris Volk, also with the vlogging of the whole process is her Friend Rory…

As you could see more of her brilliant work on either on her socials, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , YouTube.. also her Portfolio 

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