DOCTOR WHO | your Tardis door replica – pull to open

Orthough that Christmas is over for now until the next year.  What this’s great gift to give too whom love a piece of their very own TARDIS, in which the very door which opens up to a police Telephone hatch which Matt Smith’s eleventh Doctor did in the “Time of the Doctor” where he opens up left side Tardis door and open up the telephone hatch to receive a very urgent Christmas call for help in need for a boyfriend to cook a Christmas Turkey lunch or dinner for her family “ Hello Oswald’s”  while the friendly Cybermen’s head companion  name “ Handles” whom very persistence’s manner urgently to inform the Doctor to link the phone communications systems back to the console..

The RubberToe replica phone hatch door comes in two colours in which are the Matt Smith Tardis colour, the sprayed auto motive paint and the softer blue, the Hand painted emulsion.  The Hatch door comes in to the exact scale, with the original lettering, manufactured by Rubbertoe workshops, the opal textured Perspex is laser cut,  with the akin font of century Gothic black lettering,  wooden frame,  with a chrome  sliver handles…  the dimensions or the door are measured  in 380 mm by 425mm.

Like to know more where to get your replicated Tardis telephone door from Rubbertoe workshops or forbidden Planet…?

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