DOCTOR WHO | The War Doctor’s Sonic screwdriver

As the three doctors discovered that they had the same Sonic Screwdrivers all along, but with the same software, but in different casings, As all three Doctors were imprison in the gallows of the Tower of London…  As all three begin to figure out how to analysis the wooden door to unlock it,  until  Clara jumps in finding the big wooden door unlock.. in the Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary episode..

The War Doctors ( John Hurt ) sonic screwdriver features a very simplest classic sliver casing; also it comes with a red button switch below to activate the Sonic Screwdriver.  It also comes with four Sonics sounds and in between with red and amber warm lightning glow. The design casing is best used to be in holstered in a Shot Bullet Holder Sling to be readied out for any situations that may present to you… In which with the holder sling could hold other sonic screwdrivers such as the tenth Doctor ( David Tennant ) also the eleventh Doctor ( Matt Smith ) Sonic screwdriver in combination which could create a force field to barricade you away from Daleks and other associates of theirs…

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