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This year of 2013, there are recent new ships added on star trek online for the later second half.. with interesting abilities.  First the galaxy has gone a little bit dangerous, in the responsive sense that newly acquired design ships have to be design to encounter the numerous amount of arising situations between the Federation, Klingon, and the Romulans, this time the three are not fighting among themselves but they have a newly opponent in the Galaxy instead of the Borg, it’s now the Voth, or the Iconians are now the masters of manipulation of agents whom threatens the three.. as seen in the current episode where the introduction of the “Sphere of Influence..”

They are:

  • Federation Battle Cruiser
  • Klingon Mogh Battle Cruiser
  • Romulan Ar’ Kala tactical carrier
  • Romulan Ar’ Kif Tactical Warbird retrofit
  • Voth Bastion Flight deck Cruiser
  • Voth Palisade science vessel
  • Breen Pleah Brek Heavy Raider- Q’s wonderland
  • Advance Obelisk Carrier

Like to know more regarding to the New spotlight Starships..?

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