DOCTOR WHO | how to make your TARDIS cake….?

Everyone loves cakes, yes.. I do too.. They’re a rewarding innocent delight treat after a hard day’s work or in-between.. As you sneak escapingly out of work to the nearest nearby bakery across the road scrolling your eyes on the window stalls of delicious cakes…then you say Yum..!

There’s one cake that’s very Whovian…Very Gallifreyan.. the Tardis cake.. there’s been cakes intelligently skilfully skillsetted done, like the life size Lord Darth Vader cake,  the Will Wheaton’s Galaxy Class Enterprise Cake… there’s also Beautifully timeless done Wedding Cakes…. Plus other delightfully cakes..

In case this in this Vlog done by Cakes by Choppa will demonstrate how to inspire you create your own Tardis Cake… from using a measured scale cardboard of the Tardis, then using the measurement then you start your construction..from there what Cakes by Choppa has instructed..

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