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Found this very cute Anime, it’s Inori Aizawa the protagonist, whom is running ever so stealthily from a group of antagonistic evils droids, in seeking her, she tumbles, on to the darken grounded streets, in the process she drops  I icon symbol shield, and then she’s surrounded, the droids started firing. Her shield is draw into protecting her….. then later Inori transforms into armouring mode,  something out from Danny Choo’s  Mirai Suenaga’s friends, in  full combat mode. Inori…then transcends up in the air for a full advantage point where to completely overpowering the semi-circular antagonistic, then later in the distance she is encountered the extremely large big Boss…

As known this is a dedication to the world wide Anime fans  during the Anime Festival Asia  in 2013…

Like to know more about Inori Aizawa and here adventures check out her Facebook page…. ?

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