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When you create a character, in a Massive Multiplayer Online, Role Player Game, Known as MMORPG, for short. The character that you create it represents you, the very essences, or the variant nature version of you.

One of many representations of you is creation or the customisation of your clothing on your character. In this case on star trek online you get to choose your race or class departments, with the new updated patch on the edit your appearances, you could go from basic customisation from the side panels, or in this case I generally go for the advanced customisation which gives you a much greater degree in presenting a representation of you.

In this case you could choose from various species from different three Factions, the United Federation of Planets, the Klingon Empire, also the latest Faction to be already introduced this year of 2013.

You may find, when customising between genders Female or Male that the male customisation is limited to than female customisation where it there’s more of clothing tailoring customisation, where you either change in between a skirt or a uniform trousers, also a more choices for different  hairstyles, also other various degrees of details.  Not only that, it’s also the greater to detailing of the weapons and equipment.

One thing noticing after each major patch upgrade the graphics gets richer, and the uniform, the skin, the hair textures gets more of a tangible visually touch to it, also it depends on your graphics card also your degree s  grunge of your processor, also your machine  as well.

Taking from that creating a Romulan character, has being very intense timely experience taking my time in getting everything right, also your Doffs or your Away or Bridge crew, is also a representation essences of you, my advice is take you time in getting everything right the character that you creating also the character grows with you has you adventure experiencing your story..

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