“Staying in bed…wintery…?”

At the moment it’s winter over here, this week, or within the last couple weeks temperature wise is with least or even breaking even over ten degrees Celsius.  The first thing is every morning that you love your bed, bedded with your warmthly earned cocoon of blankets, or than your partner sleeping next to you.  And not wishing to go to work in the office, wondering that you could do it at home, while you still retaining yourself in bed, this also may be helpful when you’re sick also.

To get this look…?

At first let’s look at the size of you place, if you’re pretty niffy have one room in the house where it’s design like a very small loft, or as a studio apartment living.  Also given it’s the warmest place in the house given wintery situations.  One inspirationally designs of having that concept are to look into something out of these two guys place one in Hong Kong, also above  is this one concept of a very cosy room in the house, in Barcelona.


You tube source- Kirsten Dirsken of faircompanies

Where everything is conventionally close by and you only use ten meters or less to get to necessary places that you need, like for example cooking food, also the need bathroom business that’s need to be done..

Also it pays to have a ultra-fast broadband wifi widely coverage network or connection in you place so you don’t have to get out of bed, also given you doing heavily task projects have a desktop, with at an adjustable arm attachment to the flat screen display, given for working remotely have a wireless keyboard and mouse also, so you’re cable free when you doing you chores, given that you’ll need a large display projectors will come in handy when you watching your work or entertainment content.

Also what should be nearby your bed, are your mobile devices charging stations so you never get tired of having a flat batteries in process during winter.  Also having the air conditioning set on summer warmth settings also.  In terms of washing and drying have the clothes washer also dryer close by, just in case for some clothes washing is required.  As for power your place should be equipped with solar power to provide you with some extra energy to surivie the wintery conditions that becomes in your warmth cocoon blankets.

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