Admiral Marcus’s desktop…?

There’s a scene where Captain Kirk, was in in Admiral Marcus office in Starfleet Command in San Francisco   (Star Trek- into Darkness), where Kirk want to ask permission to apprehend the rouge agent John Harrison played by Benedict Cumberbatch.  On that desk which is an adjacent is an array of collection of models from NASA’S rocketry past to the now of the Alternative Star Trek Starfleet’s present.

How to get this look is to,  first get a very long white table which acts like a blank canvas…

For a start lets try, maybe a  white table from Ikea – Vika Veine | Sjunne. series.

Among that white canvas you could accessories it with the History of starflight collection.

First- the 20th also the 21st  century

The Wright Flyer,  then followed by The Spirit of St Louis, The V-2 Rocket, NASA North American X-15 Rocket Plane, CCCP Vostok command module, NASA Gemini command module, NASA Space Shuttle- STS program, then it’s  NASA Ares V Rocket- Ares program.  The never ending vessel that started it all is The Phoenix- Doctor Zefram Cochrane first warp capable ship. first flight in 2063, first contact also on that same day- Vulcans.

secondary- the 22nd century also circa 2140’s

The XCV-330 Ring Ship– Earth’s first Sub light- interstellar also interplanetary vessel,  then follow by the NX-Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta  one of many  testing vessels that tested out the first of series of Warp five  prescribe nacelles.  in which gave birth to the NX project. then it’the NX-01 USS Enterprise, first Warp Five Capable Starship, commanded by Jonathan Archer.

Thirdly the 23rd century…. onwards

The USS Kelvin  – NCC 0514–  a single nacelle Starship, commanded briefly by Captain  George Kirk,  Captain James Tiberus Kirk Father. then not least the last on Admiral Marcus office collection is the Dreadnought should be coming soon to this collection.

Like to know more about Admiral Marcus’s collection follow here to QMX History of Starflight collection..?

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