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As you know this is battlement of defending Earth, Sector 001, from the incoming onslaught from one Borg cube. Many countless lives are loss, during the finally defendment of the Federation at a certain  point  7.8 light years from Sol System. in the background of a Red Dwarf Star in the constellation Leo see a turning point either it becomes a newly aquire Borg or save Federation space.  After an incident found at Starbase 157 in concerning a distress call by a Transport Lao and it’s outer most colonies.

Borg Incursion ( best of both worlds) -Enterprise engages the Borg.

– done by VideospaceFX

 -done by VideospaceFX

This should explain inbetween Star Trek The Next Generations, Deep space Nine also the Star Trek Borg stoylines of Incident to Wolf 359.

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