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On the unexpected week that lies ahead of Stardate 8130.3 that continues, the USS Reliant NCC- 1864 was on a routine exploration tour to look for suitable planets or planetoids that was devoid of life forms to partake in a the third cycle phase of testing of the Classified Genesis project to further the colonisation federation programme without the hindrance of the Prime Directive.

On the same week the Unexpected happen they found Khan and his remaining Augments crew of the (Sleeper Ship) SS Botany Bay an old DY-100, relicly maroon by Captain Kirk long time ago, on the week of Stardate 3141.9, after a failed hijacking incident lead by Khan therefore exiling the Augments to the planet within the Mutara Sector, Ceti Alpha Six.  Further years have passed, until Reliant, were scanning surfaces of the planet Ceti Alpha Six, but were mistaken for Ceti Alpha five.  As the Ceti Alpha Five terrain change due to Ceti Alpha Six destruction.  Until they meet Khan and his Augments in the shadow, the away team of two captured and tortured, until an interesting topic was Genesis. They settled out in their escape from prison in Reliant, to purse the Enterprise.  Regulus Station.

The animated scene done by Hike Animation | mylex67 on youtube.

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