MY THOUGHTS | Google car plus Glass

One thing that happen this week is when is when the California state Governor Jerry Brown  sign a bill for driverless cars to be on operational on roads,  in which that bill draw up regulations on safety performance issues like for example on passenger must be in the main driver side for just in case of many scenarios.

There one interesting of many things that I’ve found that the when the co-founder of Google Sergey Brin, was wearing an informational eye head set, naming the Google Glass. The two innovative technologies could merge together, in many adaptive ways like using the Google glass device as a remote.

When the Google cars or autonomous vechicles  become apparent in everyday lives, they will be come every so increasing in need, also in need in becoming  automous robotics too.  This is how when for example in the field of fire combating a house building, forest, fires in very extreme conditions in something that you’ll have to call International Rescue  and the team Tracey will be out with their awesome machines the Thunderbirds.

In terms of the integration, there’s got to be some way of communicating, via long range secure Bluetooth or, in with the vechicles via wireless secure networking, because the vehicle that you’re in can be utilise as mobile office. Working on remote office as from the Google glass mark two, or mark three, mark three will explain later how this could help.

In the present and future of near very, Automous vechicles are greatly increasing needed, in an extreme hazard environment combat, take for example of a forest fire, and the extremities are too great even for a protective human could battle in,  robotics could replace that need, having a concept of the Google Car system unmanned and having integrated into a Fire Truck, Appliances in a Tank like fashion, also with Drone like robotic Firemen,  fighting the hazards blazed while the manned team is at a save location operationally throughout the usage of Google Glass applications say the Mark two, also this technique  may also apply to  application to combating oil fires, refineries, rigs and other extreme Hazards environment.  Also help to save lives as well of Automous Ambulances where the Ambulances is gear up as a either terrain or aerial  mobile operation theatres with the basics of the ER ( emergence room) with the introduction of the Google Glass mark three also a manned backup on ambulances to assist.

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