I’ve Just notice this- an Astro droid?

Watching Star Trek 11 movie again and I’ve notice this when then USS Enterprise trying ever so to maneuver out from battle wreckage of Starships that littered around after the fight against the  Roluman Ship of Captain Nero.  From the Bridge point of view where I was watching the movie on iTunes, between time-lapse of 47:38 to 47:40 minutes, on the left hand corner you could see R2D2 as he made an appearance floating among the wreckage.

 Think I’m very late to this but I’m not the only one around. I’m gathering could both universe are now link together? now that R2D2 did a cameo in the Star Trek movie, or just that R2D2 is adventuring.  

The film graphics also special effects is done by ILM industrial light and Magic.

slow motion footage here.

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