The wait is over….choose you side.

The wait is over Star wars the old Republic has yet to arrive, but they’re taking pre-orderings though!  Star Wars the old republic MMO | Massive Multiplayer Online is a large expanded universe than to Star Wars Galaxies. You step in determining your character and density much on the same game genre universe as Star Trek online. Operations, social hangouts, chosing your ships, blasting away with Blasters, swapping your Phasers with a Lightsaber just to  kick even more ass online getting the total feel of the Jedi or Slith.

The MMO as I gather is similar lines to the Star Trek Online, chose your sides, chose your character, building your story, partake in operations, and choose your ship.  So when it comes out always have a Wookie as a sidekick, you never know when you’re in a dangerous place of  entanglements.

– An update the Star Wars Old Republic is due to be release out on the months on December 2011, at the moment is in beta release, but each copy purchase will have a 30 day subscription after then subscription will apply from then, unlike Star Trek online will be soon in later 2011 will be F2P, Free To Play with some limitations sliver memberships, than to gold memberships.

Dates for release:

– Northern American- December 20th-2011

-European Territories- December 22rd-2011

-Just an update fort the Southern Hemispehere release form 02/15/2012 that the release is going to be on the first of March 2012 in New Zealand, Austrialia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

For more information on the Asia Pacific release lanuch.

For more information about the subscription is on the SWTOR news update.

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