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The China Science and Technology Museum 中国科学技术馆, established in 1988 in Beijing, China, People’s Republic of China is “the only comprehensive museum of science and technology at national level in China” according to the official website of the Beijing government The museum at its current site houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions. It has many facilities for science popularization (classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, etc.) including four special-effect theatres The museum is located in the Beijing Olympic Village, near the Olympic Green station of the Beijing Subway…  China, Bei Jing Shi, Chaoyang, 北辰东路5 邮政编码: 100101, Beijing, China, People’s Republic of China.

In preparation for Beijing’s 2008 Summer Olympics, construction of new buildings for the museum began at the Olympic site in 2006. The new museum opened in September, 2009, having been expanded from its previous 40,000 square meters to 48,000 square meters. The previous museum site was closed for several years before undergoing renovation and expansion beginning in 2016. On 15 September 2018, the old science museum reopened as Beijing Science Center…

The Tianhe core module structural parts in the China Science and Technology Museum may be the best spacecraft exhibit open to the public for close viewing in China. All the external details can be seen at a glance, and some sections are also displayed. Space fans absolutely hooked. What’s more interesting is that it is located outside the paid area of ​​the west entrance hall of the Science and Technology Museum, so you can actually visit it without making an appointment to buy tickets. It is very cost-effective and highly recommended.

However, when I went there last week, the docking device at the front of the node cabin was removed for some reason. The original appearance can be seen in here
detailed pictures are released here for those who cannot go to watch it in person. The main content is Yes:

Figure 1-3: Overview

Figure 4-9: Various rendezvous and docking equipment in the node cabin

Figure 10-11: Appearance of the second/fourth quadrant of the large column section

Figure 12: Structure of the rear fuel tank

Figure 13-15: Solar wing deployment Device

Figure 16: Target Adapter for Large Robotic Arm

Figure 17: Floodlight

Figure 18: Control Moment Gyro in the Fourth Quadrant and Panoramic Camera A on it (the one that the space station is lifted out of the space station for the first time)

In addition, the verification documents and the original version of this structure A little bit different

Images and visuals are from their respectives

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