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As MTR Hong Kong SAR west Kowloon  High Speed Rail (HK section) will resume service on the coming Sunday (15 January), we have good news for you!

Starting from 12:00 noon today (12 January), passengers can buy tickets from the website or mobile app of the national railway ticketing platform 12306, or through designated agents. Counters at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station will also be open at 2pm…

High Speed Rail is implementing E-tickets to offer you a hassle-free journey! Upon ticket purchase, the ticketing system will link up ticket information with your travel document. When passing through the gate, all you need to do is to present your travel document – saving time and no more worries about losing your ticket…

New train service is now running directly to Guangzhoudong Railway Station, connecting you to the Tianhe commercial area without interchange..

The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..   High Speed Rail connects Hong Kong with various Mainland stations. It provides another transportation option for you when travelling between Hong Kong and Mainland….  Destinations In which the High Speed Rail- Vibrant Express- High Speed Rail at West Kowloon Station located at West Kowloon Cultural District in which the Vibrant Express Bullet Trains your journey to the Mainland China- People’s Republic of China… in Which you have a another Travel option The High Speed Rail .

The High Speed Rail runs frequent and reliable services past the Great bay Area China, from Hong Kong SAR West Kowloon District, the High Speed Rail Service runs frequent and reliable services from Hong Kong SAR’s West Kowloon Station, Connects to  various Mainland National High Speed Rail Network Stations From which you can also interchange network.

The High Speed Rail Offers you a New Travel experience to go faster and further… whether you’re travelling for business or leisure an extraordinary journey awaits…

High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) launches new Cross Boundary E-tickets. Your identification document becomes your ticket as the ticketing system will link up the ticket information with your identification document. With an E-ticket, you simply pass through the gates using your identification document. Coupled with the one stop real-name checking and ticket verification, you can now enjoy a more hassle-free travel experience than ever before.

High Speed Rail with E-Tickets for an easy and convenient Journey – High Speed Rail can take you to the Mainland China, People’s Republic of China from Hong Kong SAR-China, People’s Republic of China, Comfortably, quickly and conveniently ….. What’ More High Speed Rail has rolled out Cross Boundary E-Tickets to replace paper tickets, you can enter and exit the gates directly with a personal identity document such as a Home Return Permit..

Now, Let me Show you the new journey experience, First, you can buy E-Tickets From online channels or from stations and designated ticket agents…. If you prefer online ticketing please register an account on the 12306 China Railway official ticketing website ( or the mobile app to buy E-tickets. … In addition to ticket purchase you can enjoy a one –stop service to alter you ticket or get refund on the 12306 online ticket platform… You Don’t’ have to queue at a station so planning you trips is quick and convenient.

Now let’s star your journey Taking the train with an E-ticket at Hong Kong West Kowloon station is really easy.. First, go to the staff Assistance counter at the Ticketing Concourse on level B1, Present the same Identity document used to buy the Ticket as the completion of real name checking and ticket verification in one procedures at the same time . ..  Holders of 2nd Generation Home Return Permit, Mainland China ID Card, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan province residents and electronic Passport can also use the self-service Gate.. Different Scanner should be used for different document types. If you are using Home Return Permit … Please used the scanner on the upper part with the picture side up ..  Then you can proceed to the departure zone after the security check go down to the Departure Concourse on Level B3 for immigration formalities , Go to the boarding gate and enter through the gate with your identity document Different scanner should be used for different document types.. .. If you are using Home Return Permit please use the scanner on the lower part with the picture side up… Don’t worry if you forget you seat number you can check it form the trip information Reminders which is provided when you buy a ticket at the station of from an agent … 12306 registered users can also retrieve the information from their account ..

When you arrive at the Mainland station you can used you identity document to exit the gate, if you take the High speed Rail from the mainland to Hong Kong SAR, you also used your identity document directly for real name checking, ticketing verification and boarding…. After arriving at Hong Kong SAR West Kowloon station.. Go up to the Arrival concourse on Level B2 for immigration formalities then you can use your identity document to exit through the gate.. With the E-Ticket, you don’t have to worry about losing you ticket… you can pass through the gate with your identity document which is environmentally friendly and time saving.

What’s more, register a 12306 accounts and join the China Railway loyalty programme in which you can earn points from every trip and redeem them for free tickets. Buy an E-Ticket to start you high speed rail journey right away

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