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During May2021 The World’s Leading Public Transport provider The MTR Hong Kong – Hong Kong SAR-China- People’s Republic of China..  in which ever so constantly the MTR Hong Kong have been grown innovatively providing  In order to provide faster and more convenient rail services for the residents of Hong Kong SAR –China – People’s Republic of China…. In which there’s a Tuen Ma Line in which has been fully in running..  The full Tuen Ma Line –TML line running approximately 56 kilometers running through twenty seven stations with six interchange stations  in which the line will be expected to be operationally on the third quarter of 2021.. Is the longest railway line in Hong Kong connecting the West Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1….  #TuenMaLine​ (TML) has entered into trial operations, and our three new stations #SungWongToiStation​, #ToKwaWanStation​ and #HungHomStation​ are also gearing up for passenger service. To know more about the features of the new stations and other useful information, check out our new TML station leaflets: Tuen Ma Line ​To get a copy, you may also visit the Customer Service Centre of any of the West Rail Line and TML Phase 1 stations

Together with the commissioning of the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, three new stations, i.e. Hin Keng Station, the expanded part of Diamond Hill Station and Kai Tak Station commenced service on 14 February 2020. The remaining railway section (between Kai Tak Station and Hung Hom Station) will commence service very soon, providing efficient and convenient railway service to the To Kwa Wan and Kowloon City areas, as well as bringing new vitality to the community Networking, providing more alternatives for passengers travelling to different districts.

The Tuen Ma Line also includes a number of interchange stations which enhance connectivity with the rest of the city’s railway

Want to see the TML full line journey from Tuen Mun Station to Wu Kai Sha Station from the train captain’s point of view? Get ready for the journey! The full Tuen Ma Line -TML has entered the final stage of trial operations. To prepare for the full line commencement, we will be simulating train operations according to the full TML timetable and conducting full line train tests during non-service hours…..

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