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On 21st August 2020 on a Friday LinkSpace翎客航天Link Space Aerospace Technology,  has launch a intriguing of what’s to come on their second series of SRV-1 reusable Carrier rocket in which it’s A new project: suborbital reusable rocket (SRV-1, Test prototype code: RLV-T6). It is a 100% reusable launch vehicle, powered by a LOX-Methane pump-fed engine……


In which SRV-1……….SRV-1 (Test code: RLV-T6) is China’s first suborbital reusable vehicle, it’s multi-purpose and use LOX/Methane as propellant. When payload without separation, the launch costs compared to nonreusable solid propellant rocket, will be reduced by 90%…… with  a Diameter: 1.2 meters, High: 15 meters Take-off weight: 8.5 tons….


The  LinkSpace SRV-1 as multiple payload applications in which can services Micro Gravity Research, Atmospheric Research, Aerospace Sensor Testing, Near Spacecraft Testing, Biological Payloads.. As for the Landing legs is made of lighter structure, High Temperature resistance composite material, Posses independent intellectual property rights.. for the Engine is a Variable Thrust Rocket Engine Propellant : Liquid Oxygen / Methane……Thrust: 100kN (sea level)….. Maker: JZYJ Space Tech Co.,Ltd…..


On the first weeks of January 2019, Link Space Aerospace Technology, a Beijing based Private Space Commercial Company among sixty more in China.. have successfully tested there small version of what’s to come with an larger reusable carrier rocket that’s set out to become like of Space X Falcon Nine Reusable, also its heavier variants, among in the reusable Carrier Rocket Development is the next generation of CNSA- China National Space Administration Heavier Long March  reusable Carrier in the eight, nine series..

 LinkSpace Aerospace Technology Group located in Economic-Technological Development Area, Beijing, and China……  Successfully testing the smaller version of the larger itself of the RLV-T5…..  Of focusing on lowering the cost sending payloads in orbit on rapid scale of in between smaller to medium reusable carrier rockets.. In which the testing carrier rocket is suspend hooked from a crane to hold in place for a controlled hover launch in which drawn for situation of landing situation in various situation….. In which leading to an assembly based at their newly acquired Qinghai Province, Lenghu town LinkSpace reusable rocket testing base station…..  In which they did have their successfully run during the 19th August 2019 in testing a smaller version of the SRV-1 LinkSpace reusable Carrier Rocket…

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