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On 28th November 2018, from the Airbus Aircraft delivery center in France Toulouse, in which celebrated China Eastern’s first Airbus 350XWB-900’s out from twenty sisters that yet to come.. in which becoming the latest operator, in another is Cathay Pacific is one of the earliest operators.. in which China Eastern is the second largest Asia carrier on the planet Earth..

The Shanghai based carrier, operates a full Airbus complement fleet of 365 airliners, that’s including 306 Airbus 320’s also with fifty Airbus 330’s series… in which the new inspiring features that China  Eastern’s new fleet of A350-900’s series, comes in with a new comfortable modern four class cabin layout format of two hundred and eighty eight seating.. The first four is first class, the 36 business seats, thirty two premium economy then towards 216 economy seating…  In which the Airbus 350XWB series also it variants can outperform the Boeing equivalent fleet series…

The Airbus 350XWB series is one of the most successful medium large wide body long range aircrafts, it’s the next generation of long haul of being a long range leader in which is translated into carbon fibre body fuselage, wings, among its fuel efficient  A350 Trent Roll Royce engines among those innovations it’s cabin interior Airspace by Airbus offering the next generation level of inflight comfort also inflight entertainment in which is catered with internet interconnectivity in which allows you to work along the long haul flights so you won’t waste time also keeping up with your family  on various socials platforms…

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