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On 21st  October 2018, BBC decide to do a round up on season eleven streaming  on what’s to come, in which covering three introductory episodes of Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor on Doctor Who behind the scenes in which the behind the scenes mostly can been seen on BBC iPlayer.. In which covers behind the scenes production of three episodes of “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” “The Ghost Monument” also “Rosa” in which base on an iconic moment in the mid-20th Century of Citizen Rosa parks in which sparks the civil rights moment in a very segregation apartheid twentieth Mid Century America in which that sparks continues…

Featuring behind the scenes from the three episodes, with the new outlook with Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gil, and show runner Chris Chibnall in which taken from Steven Moffatt, with director Jamie Childs.. in which Chris Chibnall has previously written numerous episodes under Steven Moffatt’s time for the eleventh and Twelfth… in which the behind the scenes follow from table reading towards production, in BBC Wales studio also along various locations with filming.. In which numerous locations are real authentic locations…

Among with the production in which, there are new challenges with the production with the Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor with even more seriously challenges physical sets in which given the more realism than the green screen visual special effects..  In which a real construction crane was constructed as part production of the “The Women Who Fell to Earth” in which Jodie Whittaker have to jump off to reach to another crane walking platform…  the storyline screenplay is fresh challenging with pushing the boundaries of the Doctor, also the Doctor’s new Team of companions.. In which previously it was one… Among behind the scenes is the the new desktop theme of interior of TARDIS in which features a more analogue from the previous Digital controls toward a forestry branches of the round things towards crystallize Tardis control bridge console..

As the new eleventh season of Doctor who features Jodie Whittaker as the New 13th Doctor in the series in which finding her TARDIS with her new found team of Companions in a planet named Desolation in a second episode of Ghost Monument with three new companions into the thirteenth storyline featuring Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole also Mandip Gill….. in which that episode introduces The new theme is very impressive it’s short though but it gets towards the point towards the story, in which intro tittle creative done commission by Little Hawk, in which the new rendition of Delia Derbyshire’s iconic Doctor who theme tune in which was produce at the BBC Radiophonic workshop in which pays tribute to the queen of Techno and Electronica music….

The new theme also pays tribute to the iconic black and white Radiophonic digital isolinearscope meter theme with William Hartwell’s Doctor the first Doctor, but with a starry fluidness travelling through time and space.. Redefined by composer Segun Akinola in which the takes over that role from Murray Gold…

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