Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

In New Zealand there’s a Traditional summery past time, as “Air New Zealand” Demonstrates with Jayden also Joe as they were filming the Oscar Award winning in flight safety video for summer time with supermodel Rachel Hunter in with many New Zealand Iconic Themes.. as many Iconic past times the Manu comes to mind in which the locals with Joe, Jayden show us what really goes into doing the Manu, majestically way of entering a body of water from bridges, Wharf’s and boats..  from doing the old school way –forward facing dive- Staple,

Step one Assess the elements

Step two Safety Check

Step three-the breakdown

Once you’ve done the Manu, always celebrate it with a well done..

As part of the summer Challenge Air New Zealand would like know how did you did your Manu showing through various socials media mediums, with Hashtag

#PopSomeManus #AirNZSummerChallenge  #NZSummer


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