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If you just missed it.. On 10th December 2016 Los Angles, in Downtown Los Angles Hollywood Blvd, it was the Premiere launch of the “Star Wars – Rogue One” in where least five blocks from Cahuenga to Gower  was closed down for the preparation of the world Premiere of the film, also in where they red carpet the whole five blocks, installing a numerous thematic elements of the of the film where also installing one life size Rebellion X-Wing fighter from various containers in like reconstructionally modularly  like a modern generation five fighter aircraft .. Before the main night of the red carpet premiere on five in the evening in Pacific Time in Los Angles …

As the build up to “Star Wars-Rogue one” gathers up momentum screening on the 15th December 2016 in Hong Kong, in which sits on 16th December 2016 New Zealand.. in which the storyline sits out to find the Plans of the Death Star, in which was first investigate  from an random patrol squadron of  Rebellion X wing pilots, in which was reported back to the Rebellion base..

As to the rebellion investigating it lead to finding the Daughter of the chief Designer of the Death Star, Jyn Erso- Felicity Jones…. Hoping in finding her, in which will finding her father in finding the plans of a terrible weapon that’s yet to be constructed…….In that pursue of the rebellion of obtaining the plans of the Death Star is too find appropriated weakness of one of massive terrible devastating weapons ever constructed since a time long ago also that utilize the crystal remains of the fallen Jedi’s Lightsabers to energized the weapon destructive nature..


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