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As the build up to “Star Wars-Rogue one” gathers up momentum screening on the 15th December 2016 in Hong Kong, in which sits on 16th December 2016 New Zealand.. in which the storyline sits out to find the Plans of the Death Star, in which was first investigate  from an random patrol squadron of  Rebellion X wing pilots, in which was reported back to the Rebellion base.. As to the rebellion investigating it lead to finding the Daughter of the chief Designer of the Death Star, Jyn Erso…. Hoping in finding her, in which will finding her father in finding the plans…

In these special visual effects, in physical form teleplays enriches the storyline, in creating those creatures from the pages to actual screening for film making…. As the years of film making  of creatures visual effects from LucasFilms-ILM the level of challenging with amazing details, in portraying the life of the creatures, the robots with brilliant working animatronics experiences that been building up over the last few decades.. as Director Gareth Edwards and Creatures Effects Supervisor Neal Scanlan in explaining the inspiring process that creates the living life of the creatures of the story..

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