Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

One of the important” ULA- UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE” components when in launching a rocket is the Operations Preparations, also its team of learnt experience…. Also they don’t get paid to launch empty rockets. In many operational roles Launch operations is to receive all the rockets components hardware, then integrated it, then make the final processes in preparation for launch teamwork wise.. also that preparations is to test the hardware, also the software wise to see it the way through, to beyond launch.. From roll day from the vehicle assembly build from stacking… One other role is the integrator, is the liaison officer  in between the various teams, in which the average years of experience from one person is least twenty two years… with a combination of seven hundred thirty Launch Operations Employees from the design to manufacturing process that the rockets are built. Also that goes for the Launch command center… As they go through very strict guidelines in operational in focusing from towards and beyond launch day………

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