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Within a few more months towards 5th November 2016,  instore and on air on BBC One, of  one darkest Doctor who early episode recreation of the storyline of how the Daleks became in what they’re towards today in “Doctor Who”  in which 50 years ago in an black and white anime Animation style of explaining the second Doctor Patrick Troughton’s debut as the second regeneration storyline in connection with the Daleks, on that unfaithful day on Skaro when the first Doctor ( William Hartnell) visited with his Granddaughter Arkytior,  Susan Foreman ( Carole Anne Ford, Roberta Tovery) and her two teachers…

In this scene Deactivate Dalek lies within a chamber,  as the suspicion mounts too of what is this guy has obsessing about of this prize.. he,  the obsessive Lesterson,  mounts a reactivation….it awaking as he reactivate more.. the Second Doctor stun and shock ‘ What have you done.. !” in exclamation..

As the original Power of the Daleks episode negatives was destroyed in 1974 when the BBC archive was purged, but however the original recordings survived during and remastered in a six part episodes in a classic form with frightful screams of the Daleks..  As the Doctor transitions from regeneration from the first (William Hartnell’s) towards the second (Patrick Troughton’s) as the Doctor’s companion also do confrontation with the Daleks Polly-Anneke wills, Ben-Michael Craze on the planet Vulcan not on the Star Trek version thou.. Production animations done for the six episodes produced by producer and director Charles Norton, character designs comic book artist Martin Geraghty and Adrian Salmon…… following the screening of one to three there will be an question and answering session with the Anneke Wills, Charles Norton, also Frazer Hines after the screen but on furthering it be available to BBC America stream on 12th November 2016…



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