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As we left off from season one “Supergirl” as it transitions from the CBS to the CW network.. In which from the last episode when we saw Kara Zor-El-Danvers played by Melissa Benoist previous played in the movie by Helen Slater with Hank Henshaw- David Harewood in grippingly episode in where the city of National city citizens then progressively to the population of Earth were in a weaponize mind control by a Kryptonian device that was operated by Non and Indigo… as Supergirl and Hank Henshaw battle it out with the two in risking her life she’s gets rescued by her sister from her very own Kryptonian pod…..

As seasons two comes along on 10th October 2016, taking off of whom is in within that lies in that crash pod, after celebrating with family and closest of friends as seen in the National City night skyline.. Also in the season two storyline arc is her cousin Superman- Clark Kent- Kal Jor-El played by Tyler Hoechin.. it should be interesting to watch, the storyline in between both as they in season one communicate via messaging each other, also in the beginning of the first season through a family friend  awarding photographer James Olsen- Mehcad Brooks….. Also as it transitions from CBS to CW it should be interesting how storyline works out since the very introduction of family storylines towards the story arc with her cousin.. Kal-Clark..

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