CNSA- China National Space Administration 2016 | Tiangong two space station module series sets out be launched …..

As for this month of September 2016 launch calendar for the “PROC China – CNSA- China National Space Administration”’ is bound to launch the next development stage of its CCCP Mir Space Station type design space station in which, the Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) two space station module was set to be launched within the launch calendar 2015, but Tiangong one has is set backs of failure to reach its destination therefore Tiangong two will be installed during the month.. then it’ll be crewed by a manned mission of in the following months of October 2016 during the Shenzhou eleven follow two unmanned mission resupply vehicle of Tianzhou one ….

Tiangong two has a three crew size capacity holding at a maximum of twenty days of food, and environmental support resources… in which the CNSA- China National Space Administration Mir type like design Space station is known as project 921-2 is finalized in construction year of in between 2020 towards 2022 with a decade life cycle…..  The launcher rocket for the Tiangong two, is the Long March 2F, is which main core is composited of two. The first stage is a liquid fuel rocket, also the secondary stage as well too, carrier launcher Long March 2F, has four liquid fuel boosters all consisting of burning of N2O4/UDMH – Unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine of its main liquid fuel of choice -…

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