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In Star Trek Renegades-Requiem  is where we were left off from a new form underground group assemble like from Marvel’s Avengers  Assemble in need from Admiral Chekov The Original Series- Walter Koenig also Admiral Turvok- Tim Russ- Voyager.. As we left of the assemble crew of the Icarus.. whom is seen from see Captain Lexxa Singh, Daughter of Khan Noonien Singh (Adrienne Wilkinson- Xena warrior princess Daughter)  … with a group of Renegades from different backgrounds form by Admiral Chekov, Turvok  and various others form the Admiralty to counter the threat that Moodenarr presented with mild disregards to the Prime Directive  to save the Federation…

In this trailer storyline is getting intense as see Captain Lexxa Singh is longing to find her mother after been release out from prison.. We see new members whom are Nichelle Nichols as Admiral Grace Jemison whom with others are from the crew of the USS Archer are in some sort of Outpost Bar, investigating… While they meet with some sort of Wild west elements same in the Icarus chase scenes with some Asteroid chase by a ship that looks Roluman Warbird but smaller..  It should be interesting to see Team Icarus why chased after investigating why they’re been chased…..Featuring Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, Adrienne Wilkinson, Nichelle Nichols, Terry Farrell, Robert Beltran, Gary Graham, Cirroc Lofton, Aron Eisenberg, Manu Intiraymi,


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