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As the 2016 Farnborough Airshow is set to open with within the next few days’ time in two days.. With the massive displays of what the Aviation, airliner carriers, defense and space industry has to offer too… during the two different types of convention.. Between trades 11-15 July 2016 then it’s the Public Show 16- 17 July 2016… As the preparations continue with test pilots from various manufacturers… there’s one beside Airbus… Is Boeing whom always demonstrated the beyond the limits of what their aircraft type can do in performances in gracefully gracing the runaway like a ballerina gracing the stage with elegance…As this New Nippon Airways Boeing 787-9 series Dreamliner taking the aircraft in various flight take then landing abort situations in various difficult situations where they don’t recommend to fly like this occasionally in various sharp banks evasive moves … also its best to turn up the resolution and sound for this…  Flown by Test Pilots Captains Van Charey, Randy Neville and John Misuradze… visual aviation footage by Wolfe Air Aviation Ltd…

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