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On today 28 May 2016 “Space X” done it again with its third time landing on a drone ship off shore from the initial launch complex forty at the Cape Canaveral Air force station in the East coast, Florida.. it Launched with intense with given if the third landing is successful as the first two completed landings..

The Payload of the THAICOM-8 is Thailand Satellite in which mission package as a Communications in for various types of transmission media in such as television and various media means, constructed by Orbital ATK,  for communication coverage for south east Asia and South Asia.. With a mission life of fifteen years in a orbit of supersynchorous transfer orbit…

In this you see the on-board camera on the Falcon nine reusable landing from de-orbiting re-entry from earth’s orbit after transferring the payload… in space about 32 minutes after launch from the pad… with its retro’s firing and the flaps brakes to guide it back and brake for landing on the drone ship in this accelerated frame rate footage..

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