Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

In the great Hall of Karn.. one sister of the sisterhood noticed something …………………………


Then a cold chill, of cold wind came and all in the Hall have fell this chill, Ohila wondering if there’s a change in weather in this summer season of Karn, it’s been very warm lately, constantly warm, but hot, however a cold chill is always welcome.. Continuing the discussion… But the hall, it’s surroundings are getting even colder… Something not right… it’s not usually not this cold in one instant.. Seems that somethings here, something, someone old and ancient, ancient than me.. Looking at the hall the other sisters, feeling this new cold that’s entered into the great Hall..  “everyone warm up.. “ as she pointed out to her sisters, then moving out from chair.. Wondering if someone is here.. , she pointed out that she’ll be back as the others, gather their warm cloaks, to warm themselves up….   As she walked down steps of her chair, in the hall, walking down it, walking down it, and out the Hall.. “I’ll be back my sisters.. “


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