Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.

Walking towards the city control room, that’s within the Citadel’s as everyone in the city is taking cover around, some in fear running towards the undergrounds parts of the city where there’s emergency shelters  that’s have been reopened, where the last time it was seriously open was the Time war.. Where Galifery was once time locked, suspended in time, an enormous paused in time where it had taken ages to unlocked that moment in time.. if it weren’t for him, The Doctor, the twelves of him or there’s could be more the regenerate versions of the Doctor, but where is he now, like he’s totally disappeared ,  his grave, where most of the answers lies, but it’s not there anymore.. that Trenzalore time stream of his in that Dying TARDIS would tell , would find some consultation in what the hell’s going on..


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