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As the timetable is set to return to the moon, then onwards to Mars then onwards to Jupiter and Saturn, “NASA” also it with its partners, are construction of one of the most powerful rockets ever built, it’s call the Space Launch System, it’s the successor to the Space Transport System in which its larger more powerful than any other complex engine system that NASA has constructed since the Apollo Program as this animation explains..

It’s component construction is diverted out from the Space Shuttle STS design heritage tooling systems, noticing the external longer Tank with the most notable five segment Solid Rocket boosters also in carrying on with the tradition of  having an Orion Command module on its upper stage carrying up to four crew onboard.. as a multi-purpose, or role space craft.. also the vehicle is designed to carry larger payloads than the STS-Space Shuttle program, in which that payload could variant in mission purpose type… in view it should be interesting to see the other variants extreme heavy’s of the SLS in the developing missions to come..

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