DOCTOR WHO | The female Doctor- the Pond, it’s large.. !

The white portal of light emerged, illuminating the massive pond courtyard the sound of the groaning box, seems to get even louder as it just hovered box, then with a massive belly flopped the into the pond. Throwing tonnes of water out, splashing it over me to the study balcony..  . Running around to the courtyard pavement finding the box was burning inside, with the amber flames smothering as the water began to drown out the flames from inside, one of the doors of the box was open.. It was in tanking water inside, like drowning itself to extinguish the fire from inside out, as  I saw it sinking into the depths of the lake pond, as the box was drinking it in, drowning itself.

Where the pond, smoke was bubbling foaming out from center the lake pond from where the box has crashed body slammed into.. Looking at the situation.. It seems dire.. Someone could be inside there but it was just the risk of having a look.. Taking my shoes off and throwing it to the pavement, and my jacket aside fallen. As I saw the lake started to be drained out progressively by an eight of the volume now.. Somehow that thing, that box seems like it’s drowning and in taking a lot of water to extinguish the flames with in…