Doctor Who | The female Doctor – it’s the morning 1955- still awake…!

Having making back to my study, with a strong cuppa of coffee, placing nearby my notes on my center pieced large Chinese desk.. With selections of foundation pens, and Chinese brushed pens on the right, changing the lighting setting of the desk lamp form dim to fully light… Lighting up the desk lighted wide so I could see the whole desk, with notebooks, and text books on the other side……  I picked up a pen, slowly removing the lid, as I read my notes taken.. then applying more of my notes, writing fluidly..

As the late in the night progress into the early hours in the morning, then looking at my watch sitting on telling me it’s almost three in the morning, then filling up notebook with notes, I turn to get my coffee  it was cold, and almost an empty cup as it accompany into the morning.. I reached out and fold and read the other page of the textbook, finding it with some, physics equations questions.. I grabbed a logarithmic ruler to rule some graphs in finding some characterizes within the data that’s presented in the correlation of the data that I gathered from the previous class, in catching up on homework, as I drew the graph with the data, in between two axles in between form some sort of line.. Making out in to an ever so decreasing sine wave showing.. also the other graph showing logarithmically the finding the most average speed of Gravity, using the pendulum swing, after that chart of data that I’ve taken….