DOCTOR WHO | the new 12th Sonic screwdriver…!


During season nine’s ” Doctor Who” ,  The Doctor loses his sonic screwdriver, and becomes reliant on wearable Sonic glasses throughout the whole season from the point where they meet up in the introduction of the Confession Dial where it ended up in with Missy…  In this The Doctor comes back to the Tardis after four billion and two thousand years, it slowly wakes up after a slumber… as he enters.. The TARDIS creates a new Sonic Screwdriver..  The new 12th Doctor one (Peter Capaldi) is interesting it’s a bit different from 11th (Matt Smith) it very Steampunk older very Victorian, in which suits the current interior feel of the 12th Doctor desktop theme, that’s the current TARDIS Control room, or the main Bridge  … it’s a TARDIS blue rectangle long device with an industrial steampunk steal frame to hold the device in very much like the TARDIS controls…  It’s pretty when it lights up, thinking it does more of the same functions as its previous devices  but even more now given the sonic glasses will play a greater role with it together in use.. as it’s in question of what it’s functions is at yet.. but is should be interesting in what Clara’s Sonic Screwdriver would look like to given she now’s has a TARDIS of her own aswell of the same reliable  type 40..

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