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As” Doctor who” approaches in a least seven day times 19th September 2015 … as the prologue of the 5oth Anniversary the day of the Doctor we are taken to the planet Karn to where the War Doctor is generated after years of the Doctor in warring in the Time War in the Time of the Daleks have the upper hand against the Gallifreyan.. Where in the previous past the Priestess of Karn have awarded curse him extra more regeneration as in the first Doctor William Hartwell   … This time returning to Karn, in his seems that the Doctor seeming having unfinished business in resulting to his own destruction as he handed his disc, Gallifrey engraved last will and testament to the priestess in which ended up with Missy (The Master) like somehow along the way that The Master founded the Planet Karn, regenerated into the female version of her previously himself as she is always a survivor taunting in some sort of the relationship with the Doctor….

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