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Given that you love Battlestar Galatica the reboot, also the battles in between the Cylons and the twelve colonies. Then “Dreadnought” is the gameplay in becoming your own captain with various heavy vessels you battle it out with another a team … the gameplay is very similar to the playing with a fleet of BattleStars and Cylons Basestars in a massive fire fight with various vessel with very different abilities in a various environments that challenge your skill sets…  each vessel is changeable with various sets of modifications, much like the same case like the Star Ships on “Star Trek Online”  as if your ship become extremely comprise, instead of being left out from the gameplay you get to assist you team in small fighter..

“Dreadnought” development is done by Grey box, Six Foot also with Yager, as Dreadnought is in closed Beta at the moment, but on a developing gaming scale it can be just massive as League of Legends, DOTA, also as StarCraft on a gaming level, and the next in international tournaments levels given the level of intensiveness Dreadnought can bring ….

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