Traveling through time and space & Doing timey wimy stuff.


When we watch also listen to that” Doctor Who” Iconic theme Delia Derbyshire tune as it plays in time with that type 40 TARDIS travelling through time and space in adventuring in various Time vortexes… in this we see the Tardis point of view in a new approach of reconstruction through its taking off to landing in one location where from a post vintage modern cobblestone lane street then spinning around dematerialize traveling into the  Time vortex tunnel with its fiery works of time  then lands onto a post vintage modern township forestry past or its location..  “John SmithVFX” production techniques was derive out from using graphical software such as Maya, after effects also Element 3D (v2), and Premiere in getting this clip of the traveling Tardis with its awesome layering of details in composition in which this pretty brilliant in which could be a very nice intro for season ten ..

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