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In this behind the scenes of what will take to rebuild an all-time gaming classic and building it from the ground up in developing the “Lucas Films-Disney” the “Star Wars-Battle Pod” in an immersive surroundings as you fight the Empire in a dome like screen where as in the past it’s always been flat.. or with an addition of two more screens..

As the behind the scenes.. They took every aspect of storylines with the second trilogy in giving you the experiences that you are in adventuring as Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo… in  the battlements of Yavin as you approach to the Death Star, the frozen fields of Hoth as you assistment in the evacuations of the Hoth Rebel base in bringing down the AT-AT Walkers.. , also the forest of Endor where you dive and out gun the Imperial stormtroopers…  and you can play as Darth Vader as your fight the fight in the pivot points in the trilogy stories..

The inspired Star Wars Battle pod was design, taking every single detail form the each vehicles that was featured in the Star Wars second trilogy as it’s cockpit design in between the X-wing, Millennium Falcon.

The Battle Pod is manufactured by Bandai Namco Games they do other flight combat simulations arcades units aswell to intense extreme combat fighter simulations… Bandai Namco introduce the Battle pod during the announcement event at Marquee, New York…also it’ll be at the duration of” New York Comic Con” and it’s full US launch of the Battle pod will go on in the month of January 2014…

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