MARVEL | Ant Man – the first look teaser trailer ….?

As on the 6th of January 2015  the first season of” “Agent Carter”, telling her story and Howard Star Story of in the beginnings of creating that organisation Known as “SHEILD- Agents of SHIELD” , in the proceedings after World war two.. Trying to stop HDRYA in its steps..

As too when the first airing of the “Marvels- Ant Man Teaser” telling a slightly spoiler of what’s to come in Scott Lang Story.. As he’s trying to better himself from been a Con-man.. With an unexpected help from Doctor Hank Pym.. Who want to push scot a little bit more of becoming that person with a Super Armoured suit… With some amazing abilities.. Scaling him to a insects scale… With those abilities in learning also provide to save the world in doing a ultimate Heist … which Ant-Man story will be told on 17th July 2015.  …

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