SCIENCE – DECOR | your Table of Elements Blanket- this will periodically warm you up while studying …?

THINK GEEK – Your warm buddy -the Table of Elements Blanket

It’s Winter at the moment and as you studying for the chemistry finals or midterms in your warm bed or couch also couldn’t bother at your desk this “Table of Elements Blanket” might help … so you need to remember some elements on the Periodic table, its positioning on for your test and it’s grade, so you spend all night snugly reading your blanket so you can remember it’s atomic number, plus its relative atomic mass. Just in case you read your other novels and text…

The Table of Elements Blanket is 100% heavy  cotton in which it will keep all that self-generate heat in… the colours are reddish strong almost like black so when you have the blanket nearby the winters sun it’ll will absorb the heat to keep the warmth in… the Size of the blanket is about 47″ x 63″ so it covers you at mostly when you slumping away of sleep or resting… it machine washable in which is preferred with a  warm Tumble Dry… also it advise not to bleach but a nice cool iron..   so given that you’re having midterms or finals Good Luck and Fingers cross too..

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